Saffola Plus Salt
₹ 34.00
₹ 35.00
Puro Healthy Salt
₹ 107.00
₹ 110.00
Patanjali Salt
₹ 13.00
₹ 14.00
Aashirvaad 1 kg Salt
₹ 13.00
₹ 21.00
Aashirvaad Proactive Salt
₹ 37.00
₹ 40.00
Tata Salt
  • Vital Indian kitchen ingredient to liven up any dish
    Packed with requisite amount of iodine
    Ensures proper mental and development of children
    Just add it to make your dishes delectable and wholesome
Saffola Plus Salt
  • Specially formulated with 10% reduce sodium
    Diets low in sodium help reduce the risk of high blood pressure
    It is recommended to consume less than 2g of sodium/day
    Unit:1 kg
Puro Healthy Salt
  • India's first "Healthy Salt" for daily use
    100% Natural, No Chemicals, No Additives, Unrefined
    84 Minerals naturally present including Potassium, Iodine, Iron and Calcium
    Good for Heart and Digestion
Catch Sprinklers - Black Salt (Tin)
  • Ground kala namak is known to add taste & flavour to fruit chats
    A quality product packed with minimum human interference.
    Easy to use - just sprinkle over dishes of your choice to uplift the taste.
    Catch Black Salt remains dry inside HIPS container which ensure smooth sprinkling.